Current Members  
Stephen Anthony Emulation core/debugger development and enhancements; current maintainer for the Linux, macOS and Windows ports
Christian Speckner Emulation core development, TIA core
Thomas Jentzsch Emulation core development, jack-of-all-trades (helps with issues all across the codebase)
Retired Members  
Bradford Mott Original author of Stella
Mark Grebe Original author of the Mac OSX port of Stella
Joe D'Andrea Maintainer of the Solaris build of Stella
Kostas Nakos Author/maintainer of the WinCE port of Stella
Doodle Maintainer of the OS/2 port of Stella
Darrell Spice Jr. Original author of the OS/2 port of Stella
Eckhard Stolberg Emulation core development
Brian Watson Emulation core development and initial debugger support
Alex Zaballa Author/maintainer of the GP2X port of Stella