Stella is DonationWare!

As of release 3.5, Stella is officially DonationWare. What is DonationWare, you may ask? Simply put, the concept of donationware is where the developer requests donations that indicate appreciation for the project, and as an incentive to continue work on the project.

So who am I? My name is Stephen Anthony, and I've maintained Stella exclusively for the last few years. While I did have help many years ago (and owe a huge debt to Brad Mott, original Stella creator), I've been working on the project alone for quite some time. I've personally added over tens of thousands of lines of code to Stella, and coordinated several large merges from other projects (ScummVM for parts of the GUI, Distella for the debugger disassembler, etc). I've also created the Harmony Programming Tool software for the Harmony Cartridge, and a version of the KrokCom software for Linux/macOS - KrokCom for UNIX. So as you can see, I'm quite prolific in Atari 2600 development.

Let me say up-front that donating is completely voluntary. Stella is an open-source / free software project, and will remain so because of its license (GPLv/2). It's not my intent to guilt anyone into donations, or to threaten that the project will be discontinued if I don't receive any. Donations are simply a way for appreciative end-users to demonstrate their enjoyment of Stella, and to make me feel a little better about the long hours spent on this project.

I'll list a few reasons why you might want to make a donation:

What type of donations would I consider? I'm firmly of the opinion that beggars can't be choosers. That being said, I'm listing some of the things I'd like to receive (in no particular order):

Note that I've ranked money at the bottom of the list. This isn't a mistake. While I appreciate any monetary donations I might receive, I'm not in this for the money. If I was, I would have abandoned the project after the first year. :) That being said, any monetary contributions I do receive will be used to purchase extra hardware, carts, etc for testing.

If you're interested in making a Paypal donation, my Paypal address is If using Paypal, please mark the contribution as a gift to save fees on my end (under "Send Money", select 'Personal', then 'Gift'). Otherwise, if you have something to ship, please contact me at the same address for shipping details. Note that I'm located in Canada, so your location in the world might cause some shipping issues. Also, let me know how you'd like to be credited in the Credits List (real name or a nickname, your personal webpage, other info about yourself, etc). Finally, please mark all donations as a gift valued at $20 or less; this will reduce customs charges on my end.

Thanks in advance for any donations I may receive, and for all past donations. Let's help keep the Atari 2600 emulation scene alive.